Heat Pump Servicing in Oxfordshire | Heat Pump Repairs and New Installations

Steve Cross Heat Pumps work out of Kidlington. We cover Oxfordshire as a subsidiary arm of Steve Cross Plumbing and Heating. We are air-source and ground-source heat pump installers, and we have a dedicated team of gas and heating engineers who specialise in energy conservation and the optimisation of progressive renewable energy sources.


We provide complete installation services throughout the local area. We can also meet all your needs for heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs.


Our commitment to the use of the best air-source and ground-source heat pumps sees our technicians using today’s most innovative products from the well-known Mitsubishi Ecodan range. Our air and ground-source heat pump installers in Oxfordshire are HETAS-qualified, IPHE-registered and approved by the Office of Fair Trading.


To schedule your own heat pump servicing, heat pump repairs or brand-new installation, call us on 01865 841911.


Heat pump systems are at the forefront of efficient energy conversion. A key indicator for a heating system’s efficiency is its CoP, or coefficient of performance. This is the ratio between the amount of electricity the system consumes in order to generate energy.


Of course, these scores will differ between makes and models. Generally speaking, however, both ground-source and air-source heat pumps outscore boilers and electric fires when it comes to CoP.


Heat pumps for the home and places of work are still an emerging technology, so devices are improving all the time. At the moment, however, you can expert CoP figures of anywhere between 2.5 and 4.


In short, this means that, for every unit of energy fed into the system, the heat pump generates between 2.5 and 4 kilowatts of heat. Compare this to boilers and electrical fires, which produce around 1 kilowatt of energy for every kilowatt consumed.

Air- and Ground-Source Heat Pump Installers


Our CRB-checked ground-source heat pump installers undertake projects on domestic and commercial properties in Oxfordshire of any size. By using heat from the ground or the outside air as a source of renewable energy, we help you to manage your hot water and heating requirements whilst bringing down your costs, lowering your emissions and reducing the impact of your carbon footprint.


Because we also undertake heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs, our company also provides Oxfordshire property owners with a turnkey solution from a single service provider. We even manage the design and commissioning of heat pumps without the need for independent review.


We’re rightfully proud that our business stands at the forefront of today’s modern heating marketplace. Remember that any surplus energy generated from heat pumps could see you earning valuable rewards under the government-sponsored Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.


Our air- and ground-source heat pump installers follow any complete design specification. By providing heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs on a responsive basis anywhere in Oxfordshire, we’re always here when you need us most.


Our vans carry spare parts for heat pumps, but should you require a non-stock-component, we can source what you need from our supplier network.


If you’re new to the world of heat pump systems, let us introduce you to some of the further benefits you can expect.


  • Heat pumps for the home are safer than boilers because they avoid combustion
  • The system will reduce your carbon emissions, making your property greener
  • If your electricity comes from non-fossil fuel sources, your system is 100% renewable
  • You can reverse the system in summer, meaning it generates cooler air
  • In most cases, heat pumps are cheaper to operate than boilers and electric fires
  • With little maintenance and a long lifespan, pumps are reliable sources of heat


 To discuss heat pump installation, heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs, call 01865 841911. We cover all locations in the Oxfordshire area.