Heat Pump Repairs in the Cotswolds | Heat Pump Servicing and New Installations

Our family-owned plumbing and heating business started out in 1978. In recent times, we’ve added Steve Cross Heat Pumps as part of our company’s expansion. While this branch of our business deals with heat pump installations, heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs, we provide a wider range of plumbing, heating engineering and product installation services throughout four counties. This includes the Cotswolds region.


We are trusted air-source and ground-source heat pump installers. Our team supplies and fits ground- and air-source heat pumps from the Mitsubishi Ecodan range. We are proud to fit these market-leading products.


We have unrivalled experience in today’s progressive heating marketplace. Steve Cross Heat Pumps continually develops with the technology available to us. Today, we install air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps in the Cotswolds as part of our commitment to renewable energy sources and energy conservation.


Our air and ground-source heat pump installers strongly believe these products can help to preserve the environment for many years to come.


And, because we specialise in heat pump servicing, heat pump repairs and heat pump upgrades as part of our amazing aftersales service, you never have to worry about the condition of your installation. Very few companies, locally or regionally, match Steve Cross Heat Pumps for customer care.


As the shift away from fossil fuels continues, both on an individual and national level, heat pump systems continue to become a genuinely renewable energy source. It’s true that the source of the energy a heat pump generates is free and limitless – i.e. ambient heat from the air and ground. But these systems still need electricity to run a pump that drives the compressor, thereby circulating the refrigerant fluid.


If your house has solar panels attached, then heat pumps for the home are entirely renewable. The same applies for any other non-fossil fuel source of electricity at all types of property.


The government continues to commit to green energy initiatives, so there’s never been a better time to take the first step toward making your home or workplace eco-friendly.

Time-Served Ground-Source Heat Pump Installers


Our air- and ground-source heat pump installers have a wealth of industry credentials, giving you the reassurance and peace of mind that you deserve. We are approved OFT members, HETAS-qualified, IPHE-registered and part of the national ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme. Steve Cross, our business owner, manages the installation of air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps personally, be it in the Cotswolds or any other location.


By ensuring we cover all associated trades, Steve Cross Heat Pumps delivers complete turnkey capabilities under a single contract. We believe in providing a responsive, progressive service which combines trade experience with today’s most exciting technology. Contact our team for sound advice, free site surveys and competitive written quotations.


Very few companies in and around the Cotswolds are prepared to undertake heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs on installations made by other companies. This is especially true on heat pumps from manufacturers they might be unfamiliar with.


While we are air- and ground-source heat pump installers for Mitsubishi products, we happily undertake heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs on any device, from any manufacturer, anywhere in the region.


Our flexibility, reliability and professionalism has made us the number-one local choice for ground- and air-source heat pumps.


Services Tailored to You


At Steve Cross Heat Pumps, we prioritise your satisfaction. Our onsite teams pride itself on producing outstanding workmanship alongside conscientious customer care. We also have a responsive, knowledgeable office management team that works to just as high standards.


Our company offers heat pump systems with a full turnkey operation. Quite simply, you receive the complete service package, including aftercare, maintenance and repair work, through a single contractor.


With the combination of market-leading products and our tireless commitment to unmatched standards of excellence, heat pumps for the home and workplace have never been more appealing.


To discuss heat pump installation, heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs, call 01865 841911. We cover all locations in the Cotswolds area.