Heat Pump Installation & Heat Pump Servicing in Brackley | Services Explained

As specialists in heat pump repairs, heat pump servicing and new installations in Brackley, we recognise that our line of work is somewhat of an unknown quantity. From air-source heat pumps to ground-source heat pumps, we aim to demystify our industry and make it a far simpler trade to understand. Due to their energy-efficient nature, heat pumps continue to grow in popularity, so the more they are understood, the better for us all and our environment.


1. Ground-Source Heat Pumps


These heat pump systems harness natural heat within the ground. This process involves a series of pipes carrying a blend of water and anti-freeze through an underground system before a heat pump increases the temperature to provide hot water or heating to any Brackley household.


Naturally, ground-source heat pumps require electricity to operate, but the amount needed is less than the heat it produces. The heat pump itself performs a similar role to a boiler in a central heating system, but rather than burning fuel to generate heat, it uses ambient heat from the ground.


The blend of water and anti-freeze is sent through the underground loop system, absorbing the naturally-occurring heat therein. This liquid is then compressed before being passed through a heat exchanger that removes the heat, transferring it to a heat pump which then makes it readily available to the home heating system of a Brackley property.


2. Air-Source Heat Pumps


Air-source heat pumps are usually placed at the side or rear of a Brackley property. When installed, they extract heat from the air, raising its temperature through the use of a heat pump. Much like ground-source heat pumps, they need electricity to operate, but this is typically less energy than the heat it produces.


Air-source heat pumps come in two types: air-to-water heat pumps and air-to-air heat pumps.


The former type of air-source heat pumps channel their collected air into a Brackley household’s wet central heating system. The heat produced tends to be cooler than that generated by a conventional boiler, so underfloor heating or larger radiators may need to be installed for maximum benefits.


The latter type of air-source heat pumps feed warm air directly into Brackley properties through fans. It’s worth noting that this type of system can’t produce hot water.


3. Heat Pump Servicing & Heat Pump Repairs


As with any mechanical system, heat servicing and heat pump repairs eventually come into the equation for our clients in Brackley. Heat pump servicing forms a vital part of the ongoing optimal performance of your systems, ensuring that any small issues are fixed before they become much larger, more costly repairs. Perhaps more importantly, heat pump servicing also ensures that your system still fully complies with any necessary safety regulations.


In the case of heat pump repairs, these can only be dealt with as and when they occur. Generally speaking, problems with air-source heat pumps tend to be easier to fix than those with ground-source heat pumps, based on the fact that they are above the ground.


Regardless of the heat pump repairs at hand, our Brackley customers can be sure that our personnel offer a fast response to any issues with work we have completed.


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