Heat Pumps in Aylesbury | FAQ

As a trusted installer of air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps in the Aylesbury area, Steve Cross Heat Pumps receives a range of questions regarding the benefits of our services on a daily basis. Whether these questions regard our new installations, heat pump repairs or heat pump servicing, our personnel are always happy to pass on their expertise.


For a more convenient approach, however, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.


Do you have an industry accreditations?


Absolutely. At Steve Cross Heat Pumps we recognise that our customers in Aylesbury appreciate industry-leading certification in our line of work. As dedicated professionals, our company holds the following accreditations for our new installations, heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs:


• Certified Worcester Bosch Installer

• Certified Mitsubishi Electrical Installer

• Gas Safe-Accredited Company

• IPHE-Registered Company

• MCS-Registered Company

• Members of the OFT Scheme ‘Buy with Confidence’

• BPEC-Accredited Installer for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Units


With accreditations like these, our Aylesbury customers have nothing but the ultimate peace of mind.


Do ground-source heat pumps improve energy efficiency?


Yes, it will. Ground-source heat pumps provide a greater level of energy efficiency than more conventional heating methods. For every KW/h of energy required to fuel the pump, as much as 4 KW/h is derived from the ground. In short, that’s the equivalent of our Aylesbury customers paying for 1 KW/h of energy and receiving an additional 3 for free.


What does the installation of ground-source heat pumps consist of?


A standard installation in the Aylesbury area typically includes:


  • Ground-Source Heat Pump
  • Ground Collector Array
  • Manifold
  • Manifold Pit
  • Circulation Pumps
  • Buffer Tank
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • Expansion Vessel
  • Manual & Automatic Valves
  • Weather-Compensated Control Systems


Due to the placement of ground-source heat pumps, some digging with machinery is required.


Are air-source heat pumps cost-effective?


Yes, they are. Firstly, air-source heat pumps don’t require any digging during the installation process as they are usually placed at the side or rear of an Aylesbury property. While these heat pumps may have a greater variation in performance than ground-source heat pumps, they still remain a cost-effective source of heat.


To gauge their effectiveness, the air temperature needs to be taken into account. So, while in the winter air-source heat pumps provide a co-efficiency of performance of 3:1, in the summer that increases to 5:1. It should be noted that ground-source heat pumps have a steady 4:1 CoP.


In addition, air-source heat pump repairs and servicing are also cheaper than the ground-source style.

Do you provide heat pump servicing and repairs?


Yes we do. Here at Steve Cross Heat Pumps, we pride ourselves on the service we provide as well as the relationships we create with our Aylesbury clients.


In the unlikely event of any problems with your installations, we provide a swift response for both heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs.


To see what our customers have said about our new installations, heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs, please visit the testimonials page.


For more information on the installation of heat pumps, heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs in Aylesbury, call 01865 841911.