Ground-Source and Air-Source Heat Pumps in Abingdon | Heat Pump Servicing and Repairs

Meet Steve Cross Heat Pumps, your trusted air- and ground-source heat pump installers for the Abingdon area. We provide complete coverage from our Kidlington headquarters. Our team installs ground- and air-source heat pumps for Mitsubishi and their Ecodan range of products.


We individually tailor heating or hot water design and commissioning to meet any requirements you might have. Steve Cross Heat Pumps also covers Abingdon and the Oxfordshire area with heat pump servicing, heat pump repairs and system upgrades.


Choose Steve Cross Heat Pumps for your Mitsubishi Ecodan installation and generate fantastic returns through the government-sponsored Renewable Heat Incentive. Our insistence on using the UK’s bestselling ground-source and air-source heat pumps ensures optimum performance without time restraints or logistical problems.


All our company’s air-source and ground-source heat pump installers working in the Abingdon area are fully accredited and CRB-checked. Using energy from beneath the ground, or energy found in ambient air, we install heat pumps as an efficient and eco-friendly option. Once installed, your system can multiply every KW/h of energy used by up to five times.

The Benefits of Using Heat Pump Systems


  • Low running costs compared with combustion-based systems
  • Less maintenance than more traditional heating sources
  • Heat pumps for the home don’t burn fuel, making them safer
  • Lower carbon emissions for an eco-friendly approach
  • In the summer, you can reverse heat pumps so they provide cool air
  • Devices have an impressively long lifespan, sometimes multiple decades


If you’re impressed by the array of upsides to heat pump systems, call us on 01865 841911. We can schedule an initial consultation, during which we discuss all your needs and available options.

Heat Pump Servicing and Heat Pump Repairs


To complement our installation services, Steve Cross Heat Pumps also provides affordable heat pump servicing in Abingdon for our valued domestic and commercial clients. Our air and ground-source heat pump installers complete all servicing and upgrade work to the highest standards, and to the industry’s latest specifications. This ensures smooth and efficient performance which always gets the best from your Mitsubishi Ecodan product.


The reason we use Mitsubishi ground-source and air-source heat pumps comes down to their unrivalled performance and reliability. In the unlikely event of your new installation failing, we’ll undertake heat pump repairs in Abingdon at a very competitive price. Our repair work extends to installations completed by ourselves or by other local contractors. We’ll even work on heat pumps outside of the Mitsubishi range.


Heat pump servicing and heat pump repairs are aftersales services which highlight our approach to customer care. Some air-source and ground-source heat pump installers move on to the next job and forget about the work they’ve completed. We continue serving our Abingdon customers for many years, especially with the ground-source and air-source heat pumps we have fitted ourselves.


For added peace of mind, heat pump systems have a quiet operation. They are no noisier than a standard household boiler and many other everyday appliances. What’s more, the water circulating in the pipe network removes humidity. This means that heat pumps for the home dehumidify in heating and cooling mode. As such, they prevent condensation.


With an installation time of between 1 and 3 days (this varies depending on the type of system) you can make the switch to a greener, cleaner source of heat and hot water in next to no time.


Steve Cross Heat Pumps has traded as a heat pump specialist for over 35 years. We have the expertise and experience to design and install bespoke systems tailored to your exact needs.


To discuss anything from air-source heat pumps to heat pump servicing and repairs, call 01865 841911. We cover all locations in the Abingdon area.